Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Threadless Possibilities

These are what I'm working on. The cowboy is a definite yes, I may add a noodle-y horse to go with him. Not sure about the others, I didn't really go for a theme.


  1. guess its just you and me sir. i like the cowboy-the horse would be a nice touch, make sure he doesnt get cramped unless its an intentional funny cramp. lines look good, those boots are great.

    i also think the astronaut would be something that appeases the threadless tastes. my only qualm is that his feet are on the same plane which im thinking you did intentionally but it robs the scene of any spacial depth and i feel is kind of a missed opportunity to create a more dynamic pose. good character tho. the end.

  2. I love the cowboy and the spacedude, although I think the cowboy has more fluidity in his pose, which helps the eye move about the page. My only concern so far is that they don't scream t-shirt designs yet. I think if you were to go ahead with the cowboy, definitely add a scene to go with him, whether its the horse, or some cactus's, or a jackrabbit with a revolver, SOMETHING. Just give him more support as a concept and I think this would make a sexy shirt.

    What really helped me with both my designs is the submission kit you can download (http://www.threadless.com/submit) the model photo templates and the flat photo templates give you a really good idea of how your work will look once its on a shirt, and let you know immediately if it needs work or not.

    Oh! And if you have flash, this http://www.threadless.com/profile/115982/Manos/blog/331017/Get_you_flash_template_here is an awesome template once your ready to submit. yess.