Wednesday, December 21, 2011


also im trying to get this mailer nonsense taken care of... any quick notes before i send it off to gotprint???



  1. The font inside the whale is great, and I love love love the line work shading you have to support it. What pops in my mind right now is the weird relationship your colors are having. They work together as hues, but the brightness level of the pink is consuming the nice grays your whale has, and throws the focus off him. I want to say, lessen the brightness of the pink around him, or add some more colors/objects/design works to the background to even out the colors a bit.

    You're going to hate me for this (because I suggested it to you) but I think after making your font a vector, it lost its charm as something that was handwritten. :( If you've got the time, I would go back and hand paint the font larger and re-scan it. I also think if it took up more space on the bottom of the card, that would solve the pink situation.

  2. I actually agree with corinne, the vector letterz take away from the hand paintedness of the rest of it. its the only thing like it in the piece so it stands out when looking at it. definitely go back and hand paint it. it would work if it were the back i think, something where you dont spend the whole piece making a statement about the quality of your linework and hand lettering (which the whale does) only to finish it off with some vector letterz. i would say spend a few trials lettering on a separate surface and then scan and layer in that way. so you have room to edit. the vector just clashes too much.